milk room diffuser


Milk Room Diffuser

Milk Room Diffuser

Want to freshen up your home and get rid of the winter doldrums? Try our best selling Milk room diffuser.

Room diffusers, popular in Italy for many years before their arrival in America, are a clever and simple way to scent a room. Scent, usually in the form of an essential oil blend, is collected in a bottle with reeds or sticks placed inside. The oil is wicked up the sticks and the scent travels through the air creating a constant, soft, yet unmistakeable scent. Their is a certain elegance to the bottle with the reeds in it. And the faintest wind or stirring of a passerby can bring with it the beautiful signature scent. Safer than burning candles, the scent will last, depending on altitude and weather, 2-9 months.

Our best selling Milk room diffuser is a blend of vanilla, almond, coconut and cream. Well balanced, the coconut and vanilla are not over powering. The room diffuser scent is best described as soft, creamy and sweet. The bottle is simple and classic, quite beautiful with traditional or modern decor. It is quite easy to personalize the bottle by tying beautiful decorative ribbon to it.  It makes a wonderful wedding gift or housewarming gift. 

A room diffuser scent like Milk is great in a bedroom or spa where you may not want an overpowering invigorating scent.  Should you want to mask odors in a kitchen, for example, we suggest the famously fresh and citrus-like Verbena or floral Egyptian Jasmine.

As with any high quality room diffuser, keep away from direct sunlight to avoid rapid evaporation. To “strengthen” the scent in a room, turn the sticks over occasionally to keep the reeds damper than normal. Take empty bottles or reeds and place them in your car or drawers to scent the small area.


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