Charli loves Jasper

The midcentury retro Jasper Chair by Robert PetrieOur Charli-girl on Jasper the chair, shown in tangerine, now at Fusion Home. With midcentury lines that are timeless, this chair, originally designed by Robert Petrie is a classic! 
Jasper comes in many sizes from chair to sofa to sectional and other colors. Unlike most versions on the market, we make this retro modern chair locally to ensure the highest quality and a lifetime of enjoyment.
Charli-girl is one of a kind, but you can always visit her at Fusion Home.


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Power of a Good Stitch

Up and coming Los Angeles artist Kate Mueller is making a splash on the art scene with her meticulously prepared photographs. Mueller uses a traditional needle and thread to stitch her photo negatives together, giving her pieces a completely unique edge. While time-consuming to produce, Mueller’s art is modern, darkly fascinating, and oddly moving.



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A modern chair for every month.

We dig the spirit of this 2011 Calendar! Each month’s page features a modern chair design in a vibrant color. It is perfect for the furniture enthusiast or anyone who loves modern design like we do!

Design: Story By Mia.


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Fusion Home Holiday Selection: Classic Meets Contemporary

Modern Menorah They call it the Festival of Lights for a reason! This stately, beautiful menorah has been getting alot of attention in-store for its decidedly modern look. We like it with our 10″ white beeswax candles (not pictured). Contemporary in style with a wood base, it’s both sleek and timeless.


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seashell candle wedding favors

sea shell candles, 5 per strandThese seashell candles are a great wedding favor or gift. Lightly scented, they come linked 5 per strand, simply cut to burn one at a time. Just $9.99 per strand, add a candle dish for another $5 and you have an instant gift or wedding favor. Or for a wedding favor on a budget, cut the 5 strands and gift one candle per guest.


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