Life in Miniature

We were tickled by the detail of these tiny paper pop-up creations. The design line, called Terada Mokei, has crafted miniature scale models into a true form of entertainment.  Remarkable designer Naoki Terada also produces his own unique pop-up cards! Check them out at his website.


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Floating Glass

The most popular item of 2010 has become an all-time Fusion Home favorite! We (and Ventura customers) can’t seem to get enough of these amazing “floating glass” feathers! Made from mouth-blown glass, each piece is completely unique, with a beautiful feather (or two or three) captured inside. Looks beautiful beside a window or anywhere it can catch the light!

floating glass

Available in-store right now, stop by to see them for yourself.


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Fusion Home Holiday Selection: Gift-wrapping with a conscience

Keeping everything green and earth-friendly around the holidays can be hard- there’s so much to do, and especially so much to wrap and decorate! Never fear, there’s still a way to keep it green. We like these clever alternatives:

Invented by a middle school student, this wrapping is not only green-friendly but a time-saver. Colorful bags with drawstrings in a plethora of colors and sizes insure that you’ll never need to use tape or scissors.

Fish Lips
Fish Lips Paper Designs has hip, recycled giftwrap creations made with soy-based ink. We especially like the fun “Chilly Dogs” wrap.


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mirrored storage

round mirror with attached shelf

With spring in the air, it’s time to reflect the outdoors in. Here are some modern and multi purpose mirrors to not only reflect, but also store or create space.

delano shelved mirror

This wall hanging provides storage space while appealing to the eye. The juxtaposing shapes shout with innovation while still being practicality. This design combines funky flavor with organization to provide a unique storage compartment.

hanging storage cabinet with mirror

cami storage mirror

The mirrored storage compartment is great for concealing clutter that can build up in entryways. Holding keys to all the family cars, this cabinet adds a hint of organization to a simple wall decoration. Also great as a jewelry organizer.

oval mirror with small shelf

oval mirror with shelf

Our best seller, thanks to its simplicity. The small shelf can be useful for arranging small knick-knacks or displaying decorative items.


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great coffee table book

Rainbow in Your Hand flip bookThis flip book by Masashi Kawamura creates a three dimensional rainbow as you flip instead of your typical animation. Rainbow in Your Hand is hot in Japan and making its way to the US. A great coffee table book, your guests will be amazed at its simplicity.


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