Made in (and of) New York.

This simple, rustic line lives up to its collection title, Made of New York. Each unique piece is crafted out of recycled material that has been garnered from former industrial buildings in Manhattan. The furniture is also formed with as little machine work as possible. We admire the eco-conciousness and ingenuity of the designers behind these creative pieces!


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Fusion Home Holiday Selection: Driftwood Wreaths

Finally, we conclude our holiday selection with one of our absolute favorite decorations: beautiful wreaths made from driftwood. Wreaths are holiday essentials, and we love the natural look of this one. Made from collected driftwood, this piece is hand crafted, durable, and completely eco-friendly. It also comes in a variety of shapes, including one (not pictured) with a reindeer head. Some people choose to adorn their wreath with garlands, bells, or LED lights, but we like ours beautifully plain. Gorgeous! From all of us at Fusion Home, we wish you the happiest of holidays!


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Fusion Home Holiday Selection: Gift-wrapping with a conscience

Keeping everything green and earth-friendly around the holidays can be hard- there’s so much to do, and especially so much to wrap and decorate! Never fear, there’s still a way to keep it green. We like these clever alternatives:

Invented by a middle school student, this wrapping is not only green-friendly but a time-saver. Colorful bags with drawstrings in a plethora of colors and sizes insure that you’ll never need to use tape or scissors.

Fish Lips
Fish Lips Paper Designs has hip, recycled giftwrap creations made with soy-based ink. We especially like the fun “Chilly Dogs” wrap.


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luminous glow

capriz ball pendant lampcapri pendant

This hanging pendant lamp gives off a beautiful, textured glow. Handmade of natural shell, try grouping all 3 sizes in various heights.


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living stones by smarin

living stones by smarinThese innovative “stones” by French company Smarin are actually minimalist poufs. Group several sizes in a pile and turn a room into a rock garden you can sleep in.


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