Announcing Fusion Home’s hosting of Thymes products.

This month we’re also happy to announce that we will begin our hosting of unique and refreshing bath and body products from Thymes, a company dedicated to the creation of special and engaging fragrances. This is an association we are very excited about, and we know once you give them a try you will be, too. We have hand-picked each of the products that we will be featuring, including refreshing candles and lotions that are sure to charm and enrapture.

Thymes Agave Nectar collection

We’re especially fond of the popular scent Agave Nectar.

This highly respected company has been producing scents for 30 years, and takes great pride in its contribution towards “enriching the quality of one’s daily experience” through its original and subtle creations. We are thrilled to be able to bring Thymes to Ventura!


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Fusion Home Holiday Selection: Home Essence Noel Candle

Crafted by Cynthia just for the holidays, this brand-new limited edition Home Essence candle is called “Noel.” We’ve been burning it in the store 24/7– no one can get enough of this comforting, festive scent! Cynthia describes it as a warm blend of apples and vanilla “with a hint of spruce.” Poured locally in Ventura, it’s made of 100% soy wax.

Available in-store or in our online catalog.


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Fusion Home Holiday Selection: Santa’s Pretty Pets

Santa’s pals are looking especially swanky this year. Currently in-store are these two styles of smooth metal reindeer candelabras, looking beautiful here with our set of thin beeswax candles (of course, they look lovely even without the candles). Gorgeous and unprecedented additions to holiday decor, these reindeer are the most elegant we’ve ever seen.


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Fusion Home Holiday Selection: Classic Meets Contemporary

Modern Menorah They call it the Festival of Lights for a reason! This stately, beautiful menorah has been getting alot of attention in-store for its decidedly modern look. We like it with our 10″ white beeswax candles (not pictured). Contemporary in style with a wood base, it’s both sleek and timeless.


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how do dripless tapers work?

If you have never tried burning dripless taper candles, you would be surprised that, given the correct conditions, they work!

There are many ways dripless taper candles are made; some have thick wax on the outside and faster burning wax on the inside that evaporates as it burns. Although this type of construction is effective, it has chemical additives that may affect your air quality.

There is a more natural and method that is just as effective. Our European dripless taper candles are made with a thick, precisely centered wick that absorbs the wax as it liquifies while burning. The melted wax is absorbed into the wick, then burns off as the flame heats it. The added advantage of this high quality dripless taper is that as the taper absorbs the wax, the burn time increases. That is why our 12″ dripless taper candle will burn closer to 14 hours, that’s 2 hours longer than average!

Remember, that for any quality dripless taper candle to truly be dripless, there should not be any draft or wind near the candle. It is also important to keep the wick trimmed and the candle level. Order your favorite colors, burn and enjoy!

For more information on our dripless tapers, read our entry, dripless taper candles.


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