how do dripless tapers work?

If you have never tried burning dripless taper candles, you would be surprised that, given the correct conditions, they work!

There are many ways dripless taper candles are made; some have thick wax on the outside and faster burning wax on the inside that evaporates as it burns. Although this type of construction is effective, it has chemical additives that may affect your air quality.

There is a more natural and method that is just as effective. Our European dripless taper candles are made with a thick, precisely centered wick that absorbs the wax as it liquifies while burning. The melted wax is absorbed into the wick, then burns off as the flame heats it. The added advantage of this high quality dripless taper is that as the taper absorbs the wax, the burn time increases. That is why our 12″ dripless taper candle will burn closer to 14 hours, that’s 2 hours longer than average!

Remember, that for any quality dripless taper candle to truly be dripless, there should not be any draft or wind near the candle. It is also important to keep the wick trimmed and the candle level. Order your favorite colors, burn and enjoy!

For more information on our dripless tapers, read our entry, dripless taper candles.


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dripless taper candles


high quality european dripless taper candles with a 14 hour burn time and great colors

high quality european dripless taper candles with a 14 hour burn time and great colors

These high quality European dripless tapers are 12″ long and burn 14 hours.

New colors have arrived for summer including sea glass blue, violet, black and white.

Our dripless tapers are unscented, which is perfect for dinner parties when you don’t want any scents to compete with your food. If you don’t have candelabra for them, try placing them in the mouth of various size bottles, or an oblong tray with enough sand to sink them into to hold them up. Short tealight holders can be interesting holders as well with sand or rice inside to anchor the tapers or by melting some wax at the bottom of the tealight or votive holder like glue and holding the taper in the melted wax until it dries and the taper stands upright. 

The best sellers have been trios of colors: aqua, chocolate and orange. Light sage, sea glass and sand or bordeaux, violet and caramel. Wrap a bundle in raffia or ribbon and present as a hostess or housewarming gift anyone would be delighted with.

As with all candles, exercise caution by never leaving open flames unattended and keeping away from drafts.


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