Power of a Good Stitch

Up and coming Los Angeles artist Kate Mueller is making a splash on the art scene with her meticulously prepared photographs. Mueller uses a traditional needle and thread to stitch her photo negatives together, giving her pieces a completely unique edge. While time-consuming to produce, Mueller’s art is modern, darkly fascinating, and oddly moving.



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Life in Miniature

We were tickled by the detail of these tiny paper pop-up creations. The design line, called Terada Mokei, has crafted miniature scale models into a true form of entertainment.  Remarkable designer Naoki Terada also produces his own unique pop-up cards! Check them out at his website.


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Glorious Black & White

BODIE & FOU* have created some marvelously striking prints for the home or office. We like the woman with headress, however the upsidedown Meow Cat is great, too. Which one strikes your fancy?Meow PrintTree Print


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mind blowing origame

Angry Bear Origame by Won ParkPenguin Origame by Won ParkToilet Origame by Won ParkChinese Dragon Origame by Won ParkArtist and visionary, Won Park, takes one dollar bills and creates innovative mini pieces of art. Origame, the Japanese art of folding paper has been taken to the next level. Notice the placement of some of the graphics on our dollar bill, to cleverly double as eyeballs or pattern. Which is your favorite?


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living stones by smarin

living stones by smarinThese innovative “stones” by French company Smarin are actually minimalist poufs. Group several sizes in a pile and turn a room into a rock garden you can sleep in.


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