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Volume 1 Issue 2 October 2007
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October trend at Fusion Home
Summer Memoirs

Summer is almost over. (sigh) Kids are back in school and in many places,there is a slight chill in the air.

We're not ready to pack up our sea glass and shells to bring out the pinecones. Why not keep your memories of summer around? We've added a twist to our beach side items - a polished look. Silver, pearl essence, brushed aluminum and modern detailing

Click on image (left) to view our summer memoirs trend report of new arrivals. As a Fusion Home VIP, mention this feature and receive 10% off during October of all in stock seaside items featured in our trend report.

design tips: large rooms

1. Decide the use for the room and create floating sections. For example, if you have an open living/dining room and kitchen select a spot as a sitting area and a spot for the dining. Be daring with your furniture configuration. Place your sections and furniture arrangements at angles, away from walls, etc

2. Use area rugs as a "lily pad" for your furniture to sit on. This anchors your section and differentiates it from the other areas. Another good choice would be a room divider or a large open bookcase that can be accessed from both sides.

3.. Be sure to keep visual interest and balance by placing furniture in various heights throughout the room. Avoid pieces of the same height all in the same section.

4. Have fun and be bold with color! Select a shade darker and richer than you are comfortable with and paint a test spot. The rich color you see on the paint swatch will look several shades lighter and pastel-like on your big, bright wall. Stay away from white. Especially if your room is filled with windows and is very bright..

5. What should you do with your oddly shaped large walls? Large format art would be great or try something different: Select one wall in the room and add texture by mounting wallpaper or some of the new modern textured panels. Do the whole wall. Don't cringe when we suggest wallpaper - nowadays there is wallpaper that looks like wood veneer, stamped leather, gold or silver foil and fabulous modern prints.

music selling this month at Fusion Home
L'Aperitivo Italiano
The Italian ritual of Aperitivo (pre-dinner drinking and meeting session) is back! Outfitted in a limited edition double CD, the cds contain 28 exclusive cover versions of pop/soul/rock gems including Sarah Jane Morris’bossa rendition of Billy Paul’s ‘Me And Mrs Jones,’ and Sepia’s chill house revisitation of Last Tango In Paris by Gato Barbieri. Over 2 hours worth of classic tunes like you’ve never heard before! Just add some friends and a cocktail shaker and you’ll experience the perfect ‘Aperitivo Italiano'.

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October 1 - December 15 FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ONLINE ORDERS over $75 within the continental US via ground service. Visit

October 5 - 8, Fall Home & Garden Show at Seaside Park, Ventura County Fairgrounds, 10 W. Harbor Blvd., Ventura. $8, 10:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.

October 20 Craftsman Weekend. Join Pasadena residents during Pasadena Heritage's Craftsman Weekend Tours as they visit Ventura to take a rare, in-depth tour of the Gould House. The tour will also visit the Valentine House. Then enjoy a sumptuous lunch of French country cuisine at 71 Palm, a cozy restaurant in a converted 1910 craftman cottage, and visit the 1911 Hartman House next door. The day will end with a visit to the Pierpont Inn.

Saturday, November 3, Harvest Artwalk at Fusion Home. Featuring new works by Debra Scolari and origami artist Bijian. 3:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.

NEXT MONTH'S ISSUE Holiday gift guide including customer suggestions and favorites, tabletop decoration ideas and more.

green scene
An estimated 4.7 billion pounds of carpet is dumped annually rather than recycled. Consider how many times you or your landlord have replaced the old carpet in your lifetime.

We suggest, if you remodel, to consider bamboo or concrete flooring with area rugs made of natural fibers or recycled materials, but if this does not prove practical for you, keep a company named FLOR in mind. With a great selection of easy to install carpet and carpet tiles, FLOR has shrunk its carbon footprint by half by reclaiming 93 million tons of old carpet and recycling it into new carpet backing. They offer a return/recycle program by sending you a recyclable bag and paying for the shipping of your old Interface product back to the company where they recycle it into a new product. And the tiles are quite useful; replace one dirty or worn tile instead of the whole room.
Robert Redford has launched the Sundance Channel Green on Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. The new channel "presents original series and documentary premieres about the earth’s ecology and concepts of 'green' living that balance human needs with responsible environmental stewardship." To complement the new series, the channel's website has informative blogs, lists and our favorite "ecomap" which maps areas in your neighborhood including people, businesses and projects committed to environmental responsibility and change.

feng shui The Bedroom
As you may know, Feng Shui principals are based on good energy, called Chi. Chi is attracted to spaces created with good intentions. The right amount of Chi in your home will bring you happiness, health and good luck.

The bedroom is and should be your personal sanctuary where you recharge your batteries. You spend alot of time there resting and restoring, therefore make it comfortable and health conducive.

1.Go natural. Chemicals and strong fragrances could disrupt your rest. Consider leaving a window slightly open even in winter to circulate fresh air.

2. Maintain balance between yin and yang (masculine/feminine energy principal) Avoid items that could throw off the balance like water fountains and plants. Their quality is too "yang" and televisions, work or arguments in the bedroom, their quality is too "yin".

3. Avoid sleeping under beams. If you must, it is better to sleep under beams that run along the length of your body than intersecting across your body. Feng Shui practitioners believe that the beams cut off positive energy that flows through your body and may adversely affect your health.

4. Keep your bedroom free of clutter and dust. This encourages good energy to flow freely.

5. Find your personal number and direction in the Gua and sleep in the direction suggested, if possible. The Gua is a Chinese instrument that locates your auspicious locations for work, sleep, etc using your date of birth.

6. To quell the feeling of unease or vulnerability, avoid placing the bed in the path where the door opens or sleeping in front of a mirror.

gourmet bites

We went furniture hunting and came back with ... chocolate. We discovered Glasgow-based Kshocolât and have to share our excitement with you.

First, the packaging caught our eye. What a great gift or stylish guilty pleasure in your bag. Dark chocolate dipped candied oranges in a metal cd case. Hot chocolate mix in a tall cylinder. Sexy, sleek and modern, style meets substance. From the distinctive and original flavors—Milk chocolate with Honeycomb and Vanilla, Dark Chocolate with Cardamom and Orange or Chocolate Chili Almonds- need we say more?

Check out Kshocolât's flagship stores in Glasgow and Edinburgh or trendy Harvey Nichols in London, or visit us at Fusion Home Downtown Ventura for some. Also available online. $4.99 & up

featured product


Much like us, no two of our Freeform collection tables are alike. Imperfect yet beautiful, you will discover wavy freeform edges, repairs, holes and rings in the grain. Made with "unusable" salvaged woods like teak and acacia with a satin finish urethane for a timeless, low maintenance look. Coffee tables: 5-7' as found, $1500, consoles: 6-8', $1500, Dining or boardroom tables, 8-10', $4000 & up.

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