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Volume 1 Issue 3 December 2007
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december trend at Fusion Home

Gift Guide

First, we would like to say Happy Holidays! We wish you a wonderful time and a great start to the New Year.

We've randomly asked you, the shopper, what you are purchasing or would like from Fusion Home as a gift. Click on the image (left) to view our top picks. When viewing the page, clicking on the photo will open the shop online detail page for the item.

Shown, "Jack" tote and pillow, $50-$150. Also available in Wilson the Bull Dog and Nacho the Chihuahua.

design tips: the festive table

1. Choose a centerpiece and repeat the theme. Layering patterns and texture looks great. Group items from the middle of the table outwards. Remember to be aware of height - you do not want to lose eye contact with the guest across from you.

2. Candles create instant elegance. Turn down the lights and add as many candles as possible. Avoid scented candles or they may overpower the dinner palate.

3.. This is the time to use your linens! Cloth napkins and napkin rings add elegance to a table. They dress up even the simplest of plates. Don't be afraid to mix and match linens, china or utensils. For an unconventional look, find a great fabric and cut it into squares for napkins with pinking sheers.

4. A mini gift on each place setting will impress your guests. A small embellished photo frame or a personalized ornament can serve double duty as a place card and take home memoir.

5. Think outside of the box. The Holiday table does not have to be your ordinary garland, pinecones and evergreens. Go for succulent and berry centerpieces, collected branches or driftwood decorated with found chandelier crystals or bamboo sprigs sprayed in gold.

Designs in photos by Dodie Sy, photos courtesy of HGTV.

music selling this month at Fusion Home
Christmas Cocktails

Nostalgic and campy holiday music. A hodge podge of fun Christmas covers by Peggy Lee, Lou Rawls, Dean Martin, and the immortal Nat "King" Cole, with some mambo or jazzy organ thrown in. We especially enjoy the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer ala Mambo version. The cd also comes with its own cocktail manual and the recipes for Hot Toddys and Hot Tom and Jerrys.

Receive 10% off this cd when you mention this issue


October 1 - December 15 FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ONLINE ORDERS over $75 within the continental US via ground service. We have also organized our gift items by price range. Visit

December12 Deadline for fabric sofa orders to receive by Christmas

December issue 805 Living Magazine featuring Fusion Home products and dining table in Entertaining Green story.

End of December Our new furniture container arrives! We will be featuring our new collections in our next newsletter. Some new arrivals: Teak framed blackboards, Round extension dining tables, Super low entertainment cabinets (appx 24" high) in our best selling styles, our hot Weave and Bradyni beds in FULL size, Opium bed style coffee tables and hutches for displaying china that can be mounted on our existing buffet collections.

green scene

Need an interesting yet earth friendly card or invitation this Holiday season? Try Canadian based Heidi Reimer-Epp's website for her and her mom's handmade paper stationary. Stylish and plantable, each piece is made from recycled office paper and embedded with wildflower or spruce tree seeds. Your lucky recipient can plant it and grow wildflowers. $3.50 and up.

Biodegradable utensils and server ware

While sipping water out of a cup at a Westin Hotel recently we were impressed that the lid of what I thought was my plastic cup read that it was made of corn starch.

That lead us to research the possibility of earth friendly disposable cups. We thought it would be appropriate that during this time of year with the many Holiday parties and get-togethers, if glass or silverware was not an option and dispose we must, maybe we could compost or at least create less need for plastic manufacturing.

What a pleasant surprise that Steve Levine and Allen King have been very successful with their California based Excellent Packaging and Supply, manufacturing and distributing Spudware (potato based server ware), sugarcane, tapioca, cornstarch and soy based utensils, cups and containers with the same sheen and feel of plastic. The items have varying degrees of heat resistance, compostability and even short disintegration time to avoid compounding the landfill problem.

The price is not much more than your standard disposables. 50 hot/cold 8 oz. cups run $6, 50 cornstarch spoons, $2.75, 50 9" round plates cost approximately $7.50
Visit their website, for more info and for larger or commercial orders over $350. For smaller orders in quantities of 50, visit or

feng shui The Dining Room
As you may know, Feng Shui principals are based on good energy, called Chi. Chi is attracted to spaces created with good intentions. The right amount of Chi in your home will bring you happiness, health and good luck.

The dining room represents your wealth and family. A mirror over your sideboard will double the food on the table, creating the appearance of abundance. In its simplest form, lots of food equates to wealth.

Create a warm and inviting room with candles, soft lighting and comfortable seating. Electrify the atmosphere with some Yang color. Reds, yellows, oranges, pinks and other variations are great colors for the dining room. These colors encourage warmth and will open the hearts of the diners (as well as their stomachs!).

Offer guests seating away from the door preferably with their back to a wall to symbolically avoid a sense of unease or vulnerability. A round dining table is the preferred shape, followed by square or rectangular. Avoid irregular shapes.

And finally, avoid clutter in this area. Knickknacks and picture frames are better in the living room or lounge area.

gourmet bites

Looking for a holiday gift that would be perfect for a gourmet? Central California based Diamond Organics delivers organic fruit, vegetable and nut gift boxes nationwide. Our favorites: Organic Port & Chocolate Basket or the Coastal Organic Wine & Cheese Basket. Free overnight delivery service to most locations. This would also be a great gift for new parents or as a housewarming present.

featured product

Eco Bamboo Furniture

Our revolutionary new line of bamboo furniture is made wholly from bamboo. Bamboo is one of the earth's fastest growing plants and it is a grass that grows to maturity in 5 years or less. Unlike many of the veneers out there, this is the solid product, made as natural as possible with low VOC glues and water based finishes that are well below California's OSHA standards.

We currently offer two styles: classic (photo) and exotic. The classic finish looks like bamboo strips and is 20 times harder than oak, while the exotic finish does not look like bamboo strips and is 200 times harder than oak. Both share a similar process:

The bamboo is cross cut to the required length. The outside bamboo knots are ground off. It is put through a splitting and sizing machine. The inside bamboo knots are ground off and the outer skin is removed and milled into rectangular shapes on all four sides.

The bamboo strips are put into a pressurized steam vessel to achieve the color changing carbonization process. Before this stage, these bamboo strips are still a blond color which is the natural color of bamboo. The carbonization process alters the color into a tan color. We can also stain the bamboo into an espresso finish for the three color options of natural, tan and espresso.

The strips are then kiln dried for several days. The moisture content of the bamboo strips reaches to 6%-9%. They are then put through a fine planing machine. At this stage, we have long strips that are ready to be assembled together. Our strips are sorted according to color to achieve the best match.

For the classic style, the strips then are covered with a low VOC glue and assembled together to produce large boards. The bamboo is placed into a hydraulic press set by a combination of heat and pressure to insure a strong, stable bond. The assembled planks are planed and sanded on both faces.

The exotic bamboo process takes the strips and instead of laminating them with glue, crushes them in a mold under heavy pressure to fuse them. We therefore obtain large boards from either process that will be cut into a variety of dimensions and styles we sell. All pieces are then finished with a water based polyurethane.

To view the styles we carry, click here or visit us Downtown.

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