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Volume 1 Issue 1 August 2007
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august trend at Fusion Home

Fast growing and eco friendly. Thanks to new technology, bamboo material is available as furniture, objects and even textiles.

We will be expanding our Bamboo collections for the Holidays by introducing Bamboo Fiber shawls and accessories. The fiber is incredibly warm, soft and anti bacterial.

Click on image (left) or here to view our bamboo trend report of new arrivals. As a Fusion Home VIP, receive 10% off during August of all in stock bamboo items featured in our trend report.

design tips: small rooms

1. Find or create a focal point. It will give the room a
sense of purpose. A fireplace or window with a view as a focal point will help your furniture placement. If you have chosen a painting or throw pillow as the focal point, draw colors and theme for the room from it. The focal point will help you achieve a pulled together look and edit clutter.

2. Paint with light or medium-hue colors. Cool blue and greens work best. Avoid dark or vivid colors. Consider painting the ceiling the same color. A change in color on the ceiling, (even white) tells your eyes where to stop, especially if the ceiling is low.

3: Use mirrors to create the illusion of more space, other rooms or to reflect light into a dark area. Some good uses are a large floor mirror leaning on a wall, a mirror wall, or on a smaller scale mirrored or clear accent furniture. Take the mirror effect a step further and work with shiny or sparkly details like chrome, crystal or organza window sheers.

4. Create a monochromatic look. Tone on tone colors, accessories and walls feel elegant, restful and expansive. Keep your upholstery fabrics soft and neutral - reserve the busy pattern for small items like pillows.

5. Less is always more. Keep furniture pieces multi use and to a minimum. A few large scale pieces create the feeling of space while many small pieces lend the opposite effect. A large sofa and chair will create the feeling of space better than 2 small loveseats and chairs. Go for clean lines and quality. Invest in a beautiful bed and a dresser or 1 nightstand and forget the idea of cramming the 9 piece bedroom set in your room.

Next month, we explore the opposite working with large open rooms.

music selling this month at Fusion Home
Emiliana Torrini: Fisherman's Woman
Icelandic singer Emiliana Torrini's fourth album, "Fisherman's Woman" is downtempo and organically acoustic. Her soft childlike voice adds a sense of relaxation to her music.
"Lifesaver" sounds like it was recorded in a boat; there is the sound of occasional waves and creaks under Torrini's gentle vocals and acoustic guitar. You will feel like you were sitting in a boat with her while she serenades you with her story.

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dZihan & Kamien: Gran Riserva
In the same genre as Thievery Corporation, dZihan, from Sarajevo originally, met Mario Kamien at music school in Vienna.
Gran Riserva, their second compilation is as diverse as their heritage. Full of Euro beats and East - West melodic lines, the duo weave a downtempo, loungy, ambient world beat cd mix that with a Brazilian seaside feel .

receive 10% off this cd when you mention this issue


By July 28 Vote for Fusion Home as your favorite furniture/gift shop for the VC Reporter's annual Best of

August Issue, Real Simple Magazine. Look for the write up on Fusion Home's website as a great home furnishing source featuring our Nickel Bamboo Lamp.

August 1-12, Ventura County Fair

August 18, 2007 (Saturday) 12:00 - 8:00 Summer Artwalk We will be showing new works by Debra Scolari and blown glass artists John Pomp and Joe Cariati. Look out for a possible chocolate tasting of our new Scottish line of Belgian chocolates!

June 23, 2007 - September 16, 2007 Tue-Sun 10am-5pm Fashion icons and fads are celebrated when the Museum of Ventura County Downtown presents All In The Details: 100 Years of Fashion Accessories.

Special events coming this Fall! We will keep you updated on dates for trunk shows, launch parties, seminars and our Gift Catalog!

green scene
With news of environmental doom, do you wonder how you can make meaningful changes in your lifestyle?
Karma Coaching Cards were created 3 years ago by Vancouver based Jane Clayton. The environmentally themed cards are made of recycled paper, natural dyes and fibers. Each of the 50 cards feature a way to “reduce, reuse and recyclewith corresponding environmental fact.
"Grow some fresh air" suggests a card, and recommends the Gerbera Daisy and Bamboo Palm as “efficient at removing common airborne toxins.”
The deck, which costs $19.95, helps you rethink your life in small, manageable ways.
Last year, 18-23 billion diapers went in landfills in the US.
New Zealand parents Jason and Kim Graham-Nye began research of alternatives and found a company in Tasmania making flushable diapers. The couple brought this revolutionary concept to the U.S and named it the gDiaper.
gDiapers have no elemental chlorine, no perfume, no smell, create no garbage and "no guilt". In fact, flushables are so gentle you can even garden compost the wet ones in one compost cycle, approximately 50 – 150 days.
The starter kit, $24.99 includes 2 pants, 10 inserts and a swish stick. Locally available at Lassens or Whole Foods.

Malie Kauai
One of our best selling lines, not only because of the wonderful exotic scents but also their commitment to the environment. Malie Kauai’s emphasis on natural, organic and wild-crafted tropical ingredients allows the husband and wife duo to create exquisite products that offer the most transformative aromatherapy spa experiences available. The ingredients are grown on their organic farm in Kauai and scents are extracted through steam as hydrosols. They use soy for the bases of their candles, soaps and many of their products. The creation is a beautiful, light scent that is very authentic of Hawaii.

feng shui Your Entrance
Feng Shui principals are based on good energy, called Chi. Chi is attracted to spaces created with good intentions. The right amount of Chi in your home will bring you happiness and good luck.
Your front entrance creates the first impression of your home. Every time you drive up, your house either emanates an aura of abundance and pride, or a feeling of disarray.
When evaluating changes, think about when you are on a vacation and drive up to a hotel entrance. What goes through your mind? You look at the maintenance, landscaping, cars in the parking lot and other indicators. You make dozens of evaluations instantaneously. When the hotel driveway welcomes you with beautiful trees, colorful flowers, a grand water fountain, and a smiling doorman, you are content before you have even stepped into the lobby. In the same way, your entrance should welcome you, your guests, and all of your opportunities (Chi) with loving, open arms.
Use your intuition and the following tips to attract good energy into your home:

1. Keep well maintained plants and flowers to attract good energy. Avoid cactuses, prickly plants or dying foliage.

2. Keep your front door clean and well maintained. Consider painting the door a color you love.

3. If your foyer opens to the entire room or a staircase, consider creating a more intimate area by using a room divider, if practical.

4. Use lighting to create an inviting well lit entrance.
gourmet bites

If you are easily addicted, do not read further! Choctál, a Pasadena based company "has captured the 3000-year history and spirit of Chocolate in every satisfying mouthful" by formulating wholesome, super premium chocolate and vanilla ice creams. The beauty is that much like wine, bean origin from exotic places like Ecuador, Ghana, Venezuela, Cameroon, Borneo, Peru, Sri Lanka, Bolivia, San Domingo, Guatemala, Togo and Mexico create sumptuous flavor nuances that are unique to each place.

Try a "tasting" of several and you will discover that chocolate is not just chocolate anymore.

Visit for store locations.

featured product

The Hanging Basket Chair

Our modern take on the classic basket chair. Award winning design, handcrafted in the USA with your choice of leather, canvas or industrial strength Chilewich Plynyl for indoor/outdoor use. Extremely durable Maple or Ash frame, polyester yacht roping, mountaineering webbing and equestrian hardware components. The chair comes ready to go for easy hanging. $560 & up

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