holiday furniture & gift guide now available

fusion home 2011 modern holiday gift furniture guide

Our yearly holiday and furniture gift guide has gone to press! If you are on our mailing list, you will be receiving it shortly by mail or as an email PDF or you can click on the image above to view it online. Most of the items are in stock. The custom sofas are available in 3 weeks or less. Happy shopping!


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Life in Miniature

We were tickled by the detail of these tiny paper pop-up creations. The design line, called Terada Mokei, has crafted miniature scale models into a true form of entertainment.  Remarkable designer Naoki Terada also produces his own unique pop-up cards! Check them out at his website.


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Announcing Fusion Home’s hosting of Thymes products.

This month we’re also happy to announce that we will begin our hosting of unique and refreshing bath and body products from Thymes, a company dedicated to the creation of special and engaging fragrances. This is an association we are very excited about, and we know once you give them a try you will be, too. We have hand-picked each of the products that we will be featuring, including refreshing candles and lotions that are sure to charm and enrapture.

Thymes Agave Nectar collection

We’re especially fond of the popular scent Agave Nectar.

This highly respected company has been producing scents for 30 years, and takes great pride in its contribution towards “enriching the quality of one’s daily experience” through its original and subtle creations. We are thrilled to be able to bring Thymes to Ventura!


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Floating Glass

The most popular item of 2010 has become an all-time Fusion Home favorite! We (and Ventura customers) can’t seem to get enough of these amazing “floating glass” feathers! Made from mouth-blown glass, each piece is completely unique, with a beautiful feather (or two or three) captured inside. Looks beautiful beside a window or anywhere it can catch the light!

floating glass

Available in-store right now, stop by to see them for yourself.


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A Magic Bus

We thought this little invention was hilarious. A portable radio in the form of a toy Volkswagen bus that comes complete with a needle for playing records. With its built-in speaker, all you need to do is place the bus on top of a record and let it ride!


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