Laguna Organic Cotton Slipcovered Sofa

organic cotton laguna sofaOur modern and low maintenance Laguna sofa, shown at the Wexler residence in 100% heavyweight Organic cotton denim. Why go with organic cotton? Cotton is one of the top pesticide heavy fabrics. 25% of pesticide production world wide is used on cotton! Our organic denim is currently available in 3 colors: white, natural and denim blue. White and natural are not only organic but also dye free for the most natural surface to cuddle up on. The best part is that our denim is heavy enough to stand repeated washings and dryings to keep it easy and clean. We suggest you use a fragrance and dye free detergent to keep chemicals to a minimum.
All our upholstery is built locally in 2-3 weeks in your size specification. Shown, white, 78″x39″ sofa $1299.99


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Say hello to our latest creation…

At last, the warm winds have swept over Southern California, and they’ve brought our new container with them. Of course, it’s hard to pick just one thing to preview on the blog, so we might show you more as time goes on. For now, we’re ringing in the spring (even though it feels a bit like summer in downtown Ventura today) with this breathtaking piece, the Prado Bed. Made from teakwood, as most of our pieces are, this incredible style of bed is durable, elegant, and available in different sizes and stains!


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how do dripless tapers work?

If you have never tried burning dripless taper candles, you would be surprised that, given the correct conditions, they work!

There are many ways dripless taper candles are made; some have thick wax on the outside and faster burning wax on the inside that evaporates as it burns. Although this type of construction is effective, it has chemical additives that may affect your air quality.

There is a more natural and method that is just as effective. Our European dripless taper candles are made with a thick, precisely centered wick that absorbs the wax as it liquifies while burning. The melted wax is absorbed into the wick, then burns off as the flame heats it. The added advantage of this high quality dripless taper is that as the taper absorbs the wax, the burn time increases. That is why our 12″ dripless taper candle will burn closer to 14 hours, that’s 2 hours longer than average!

Remember, that for any quality dripless taper candle to truly be dripless, there should not be any draft or wind near the candle. It is also important to keep the wick trimmed and the candle level. Order your favorite colors, burn and enjoy!

For more information on our dripless tapers, read our entry, dripless taper candles.


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remove white rings from furniture

A question often presented to us is how to deal with the white rings left on surfaces from a glass or bottle.  The rings often happen when moisture or heat get under the surface of the finish.

First, we suggest prevention:

  1. Use coasters or placemats for your hot dishes and glasses. 
  2. Keep a quality furniture finishing paste wax like Briwax or Liberon Paste Wax handy. Available at hardware stores, the wax should be applied to your surfaces every few months to form an invisible wax shield between moisture and your finish. Applying wax is quite easy. Take a damp rag, dip in the wax and lightly cover your table or surface in wax. Allow to sit for about 10 minutes and buff or polish off in the direction of the wood grain for a smooth finish with a sheen.
  3. Wipe spills and rings immediately to keep from absorbing into the finish.


If prevention is too late, here are some simple ways to remove the ring:

  1. Keep Jasco White Ring Remover or Liberon White Ring Remover handy.  Available at most hardware stores.  Take the rag and rub it on the ring until it’s gone. (this handy rag is reusable, store and save for future accidents)
  2. Put some mayonnaise or other oily food on the ring for about 15 minutes and wipe off. Other good oily food options: olive oil or peanut butter.
  3. Heat the ring out.  We suggest this at last resort, because there is room for error, be careful not to scorch your table!  Find a fine white cloth like a handkerchief and place it on the ring. Take a hot iron on a DRY (no steam setting) and lightly iron out the stain with quick, feathering motions on the handkerchief only. You are essentially gently drying the moisture out with the iron and handkerchief.


Once your ring is gone, apply a layer of paste wax to the surface (see prevention above for how). The paste wax will smooth the treated area and add a layer of protection to your table top.


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